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Image of Jackie, before treament at High Pointe Park Dental in Thornton, CO.
Image of Jackie, after treament at High Pointe Park Dental in Thornton, CO.

Typically I come in for cleanings, twice a year checkups. Forever I was coming in, looking at I had one tooth that was dead and a little bit discolored. It took … Actually it took a couple of years before I was ready to have it fixed. It took some years. I would come in over and over again and kind of talk about it, and I’d ask more questions about what the whole process look like. Dr. Whiteley had a lot of patients with me and describe step by step exactly what it would look like. Dr. Whiteley did a veneer for me and a crown.

It turned out perfect, after coming here for a few years and just building up that trust, I felt comfortable enough to go ahead and have the work done. After was done, I have to say I wish I had done it in years earlier. It was kind of silly to take so long. I’m just thrilled about my new smile.