The reason I came here, I just had paid $2200 for a set of teeth a year before that, that were falling out of my mouth. The bottom would not stand no matter what the dentist did. He didn’t do the right thing, he didn’t even suggest implant, he didn’t take x-rays to see if I have any bone on my lower jaw, I mean anything. Dr. Hutchison did all of that, and he just … There’s no comparison. He gave me a whole new life, I mean really as far as eating is concerned and my teeth.

I have denture a long, long time since I was in my early 30’s and I finally have some that I don’t have to worry about coming out of my mouth when I talk or I can eat an apple. Nobody knows they can’t even imagine how it is for you not to be able to bite an apple or eat things, that you want or chew. I just came here with the idea that I would get another set of teeth, that the ones that I had specially at the bottom just weren’t made right that’s why they weren’t staying in.

Nobody mentioned to me that my whole bottom part of my … All my bone had gone away, or pretty much deteriorated when you don’t have teeth, nobody told me that. I was just not even thinking about it, I just thought I’d get another set of teeth and was totally amazed. I still and I show them to my family when I got them. I show them everybody wanted to see, everybody that’s wanted to do, or thinking about it they shouldn’t hesitate. It’s just, it’s life changing like I said.